Pre-Sale Services

We support our products with unrivalled expertise that includes a comprehensive level of pre sales support. With a selective team of dedicated professionals, we look to offer new, inventive and pioneering services that will meet the standards and requirements set by ourselves and our loyal customers.


Not only do we provide the diesel power generators, we also provide reliable and professional On-site consultancy service. We provide uninterrupted supply of electricity and professional support services to customers allowing them to enjoy the advanced technology and expertise that Teknopower offers.


A team of highly qualified engineers and technicians will travel to customer sites and work with the client to define their actual requirements and review the alternatives available for providing a cost-effective solution which includes:

Sizing of Generator Set

Specifying the correct Diesel generator to support your project is not to be tackled by the inexperienced. In any project there will be a wide variety of loads, each with its own electrical characteristics. Teknopower with its expert and experienced consultancy service can help reduce the chance of you buying the incorrect system.

Electrical Installation Design

Not only can Teknopower help you specify the correct hardware but will also advice on the electrical installation and will, if requested, quote to carry out the work directly. Having the installation and hardware all provided by one supplier really can take the stress out of a project.

Generator rOOM

Diesel Generators need to be housed in a plant room where a tailor made environment can ensure optimum running conditions that furthermore ensures optimum performance. For generators to be installed in plant rooms we can advise on all aspects of the room requirements, and supply all peripheral equipments.


Diesel Generators can be supplied with numerous options to enhance the performance and life of the system. At Teknopower we assist you with the selection of the best possible options for the optimum performance and long run of the solution being suggested from our side.